Hidden among the Reeds


Rumburk Museum

Stand on the shore of the region’s largest body of water and see what’s hiding in the reeds.

Velky Rybnik (“big pond”) lies on the western edge of the village of Horni Podluzi. The pond was granted protected status in 1984 and a nature reserve was established ten years later. Protected features include the pond itself, with the adjacent littoral stands of reeds, the peatland and bogs with their endangered/rare fauna and flora, the alder wetlands, and stands of willow shrubs. The site is on an important migration route for birds. Velky rybnik is part of the Natura 2000 protected areas network. Visitors to the exhibit can have a seat in a fishing boat, listen to bird calls, and read entries in a bird watcher’s notebook. It’s hard to escape the feeling you are actually standing at the water’s edge.

And just for the kids, the mischievous cuckoo bird has prepared a whole set of tasks and questions.